Lacking confidence?

I just wanted to share this (see image)

As I get asked what Fruci Fit sessions are like.

From one to one personal training 

To our ladies only small group personal training 

To live from home

To outside classes..


It’s hard to describe sometimes.

But as I talk about a lot.

One of the reasons I started Fruci Fit..

Was that I knew that commercial gyms just weren’t doing what they were supposed to do for SOME people.

Yes, they’re great for some..

But after working with one lady who had a panic attack in a gym and wanted me to train her in her home..

To then hear stories from some ladies 

About how they’d just join a gym and never go 

Or when they did go

Just do the same thing

Something they’re comfortable with.

Maybe a cross trainer.

Or sit on a bike.

Someone would come over and ask them if they could help

But they would just say ‘no thank you, I’m fine’ 

And then wished they’d asked for help…

Then they end up getting bored.

Nothing changes

Doing the same thing…

Not sure what they’re doing is correct…

Whether it is the ‘right’ thing to do…

Intimidated by others in the gym..

20 year olds hitting the weights..

I get it.

And then conclude the ‘gym does not work’…

Thing is..

It’s not meant to be intimidating 

But if the above resonates..

This is one of the biggest reasons we started doing what we do today.

To have fun

Not take ourselves too seriously 

Meet like-minded ladies on the same journey

Get one to one and group support to keep you motivated 

And – to be honest – give you the kick up the bum 

To do things you know you need to do…


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