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Kickstart 28: how it works

When it comes to our 28 Day Kickstart, our programme specifically designed for ladies 40+ that pretty much know what to do but still don’t do it..

I always get questions asking “how it works”

And “what’s covered?”

So here we go >>

an initial kickstart meeting where we sit down together and personalise everything for you.


✅ 12 ladies only workouts with us- 3 sessions a week with us 

✅ 24/ 7 access to me and our team of coaches 

✅ step by step food and fitness plan to get you the results you want 

✅ live workouts you can follow along from home 

✅ done for you meal plans and shopping lists you can grab and go 

✅ a one to one 2 weeks in to make sure we overcome any obstacles and sticking points

Here’s what it looks like week on week:

Week Zero : Kickstart your plan >this is where we put together your step by step, day by day plan so it is personal to you

Week 1 -2 Food, Fitness, and Focus > How to focus on the things you are 100% in control of and dramatically increase your motivation to keep going for long enough to see the result you want to see. 

Week 3-4: Accountability and one to one > we look at what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you so we can overcome any obstacles that you face. This is where we have a one to one. 

BONUS: Beliefs > How to drastically transform your beliefs and mindset so that you can live a life you LOVE and do what makes you happy (rather than beating yourself up for eating ‘so called’ bad foods, not exercising as much as you want to, or relying on the scales to determine your self worth)

EVERY WEEK: > live Q and A where you get to ask unlimited questions

And one question I often get?

Do I have to attend all of the sessions?

Answer: no. In fact, many of the ladies follow along with our live workouts they can do from home.

This is about being a little better than you were yesterday.

You don’t have to do it all  to get the results you want.

You just have to start..

Ready ?

Message me with ‘Devizes’, ‘Marlborough’ or ‘Burbage’

And I’ll get you all of the details. 

Tomorrow is the last day to get involved in our March Kickstart 

Matt ‘ready’ Fruci