Super excited

I have just been letting people into the private support group ready for our free 5 day Kickstart which kicks off on Monday 🙂

Details here:

And one question I have had is:

“ Can I do it on catch up?”

In short?

Yes, you can do it all from home and when suits.

I will be with you the whole way

As will the like minded ladies with you this week

Helping you kickstart your fitness

And start to feel more in control of your food

With simple, actionable habits

You can do even on your busiest day.

And don’t worry

We won’t be banning foods

And giving you a shopping list full of so many foods 

You never get around to doing it.

In fact,

One of the ladies recently asked:

“Can I still have ketchup on a diet?”

So thought I’d answer that here: 


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