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I’ve only done ” ( insert seemingly insignificant task here ) “

“I’ve only done 2 workouts”

“I’ve only had 3 nights where I didn’t drink”

“I’ve only done my water”

“I’ve only…”

^^ever said that before?

Well, mind your language 😉

You might think you should be doing more..

And maybe you could do more?

Or maybe you did more…when you were 20?

Maybe you know someone doing more than you (even though they don’t have the same responsibilities as you..)?

But here’s my point today…

What if the difference between you finally getting the results you want 

(even after trying everything – from SW, WW, Noom, to Joe Wicks and fasting, keto and hypnotherapy…)

Was doing the seemingly insignificant habits for a little bit longer?

What if you were one week away from getting the results you wanted…

But you gave up?

You see, no one ever asks you:

“Oh hey Karen, how is your bone density doing?”

“How’s your blood sugar levels?

“How’s your risk of Type 2 diabetes?”

“How’s your blood pressure?

“How’s your mood?”

“How’s your mental health”


It is nearly always:

“How much weight have you lost?”

And sure – this is important too..

And as you can see here:

we do help you lose weight / fat…

But what if you ended up missing the other wins and achievements

Which meant you didn’t stick to it for long enough to see the results you could have gotten?

This is one thing I will be touching on my FREE training on 20th October at 8pm inside my free group entitled:

“How to overcome comfort eating and start to feel in control of your food again”

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