It’s the wrong way round.

Nearly every week when taking the kids swimming

I would look at the costume and think ‘which way round is this?’

And when helping the younger one put her costume on..

The older one would be quick to say

‘It’s the wrong way round’…

It’s not become a bit of an embarrassing Dad joke moment for them..

Where I say they have it the wrong way round when they don’t…

And speaking of the wrong way round..

One thing we often see,

Are people trying to change everything at once…

You see, rather than fitting the plan to your lifestyle…

We try and jump on a diet DESPITE our lifestyle. 

Sure, we have to make some compromises. 

We have to be willing to find out what we CAN do rather than thinking “I can’t”..

And this is the secret.

Love seeing people take action and surprise themselves with action plans, sessions…

That completely changes the way they think and feel..

But you’ll only know how to do this by starting and seeing what works (and what doesn’t). 

And when things don’t work?

This isn’t failure. 

This is actually the secret to knowing what works for you.

Which is exactly what we do inside our 28 Day Kickstart.

Want to join our next 28 Day Kickstart?

Message me with ‘Kickstart’ and I will get you the details


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