it’s the bits inbetween  🍭  🍫 

“My meals are ok, it’s the bits in-between” 🤔

Sure, snacking is not inherently “bad”

But consider that most snack options are there to be quick, easy, palatable, and lack water (so they are more perishable)…

Many can be high calorie and not massively filling.

Unelss you’re planned you could also find yourself “making do” with whatever there is available…

One way around this?

Make your meals which you say you are “ok” with anyway, bigger. 😀

Double your protein?

Add a veggie?

Add a carb portion (sounds scary to some but what’s the alternative aka what if this keeps you more full and stops you snacking?)

Best part?

Fewer decisions to make..

Less willpower needed 😀


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