It’s so confusing (nutrition)

Not a day goes by

where I am challenged with questions

from my 4 and 5 year olds

in the car on the way back from school.

Here are 10 just from this week:

1. Why did the plotters want to kill the king?

2. Why did they want to blow up the House of Parliament?

3, What happens if someone wants to blow up our house?

4. Did Great Grandad die in the war?

5. Did they fight each other (referring to both Great Grandads)?

6. Can I have that song that we listened to before on? (this nearly always ends in disaster as I cannot recall this ‘one’ song from the million we have listened to in the last week)

7. Can we catch up the car in front?

8. Can we have ‘this girl is on fire’ on next (song)?

9. When we get back, can you be a monster?

10. My favourite part of the day was Daddy (I always asked them what their favourite part was…), was your favourite part picking us up?

And these are just amazing times

memories being made.

you cannot beat honesty and curiosity.

thing is,

I don’t always have an exact answer.

Because there isn’t always an exact answer.

and this is exactly the same when it comes to health and fitness.

There is a lot of debate about whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whether you should fast, go vegan or eat steak for dinner past 7pm…

The key part?

You need to be able to justify your answer for the context aka what are your goals, obstacles, what are you willing to do and what fits your lifestyle…`

So you can actually DO IT.

As the best diet in the world?

The one you actually do..

Matt ‘done is better than perfect’ Fruci

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