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” It’s just easy not to do it”

So me and Mrs Fruci had our 7th Wedding anniversary this week..

(yep, she’s put up with me for 7 years…where has the time gone!!)

We first met at the grand old age of 3..

On a beach in Cornwall..

Apparently, I had the biggest sand castle..

And you know what they say about big sand castles…


Something that I know..

Is how with our jobs, kids etc

We often just pass each other in and out all week.

And you could say that it sounds really sad…

But with 2 kids and careers that have busier periods than others..

It’s actually something that we accept

And as a result?

Structure in times when we will celebrate events, be it birthdays or Anniversaries,

On dates where we are free. 

Be it a few days in Cornwall, a day out etc.

That works for us…

Having something booked in means I know I’ve got something to look forward to as well

Which does wonders for my motivation (something. I did struggle a bit with during lockdown)

And speaking of ‘works’…

The reason I am sharing this?

Is because when I speak with ladies about all of the diets they have tried

You know, SW, WW, Rosemary Conley, LighterLife, the Cambridge one…I could go on..

Which all CAN help you lose weight by helping you get into a calorie deficit..

They seem to be beating themselves up because they couldn’t stick to it..

Maybe they could not keep the weight off,

Stick to it every week.

Could not keep it up when they had holidays or anniversaries.//

They had a poor relationship with food, binging / comfort eating/ dreading weekly weigh ins and feeling anxious..

And / or actually want to focus on getting fitter,

Not just to make everyday tasks easier, like climbing stairs and hills,

But to reduce your risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes..

And – also – just do something for YOU (for once) that makes you feel good.


I will then get asked about the latest diets..

“Should I try this diet?”

“Will this diet work better?”

Be it a keto diet, a vegan diet, a carnivore diet, a fast diet, the 5:2 diet..

Whatever it may be..

And – again – these CAN all work….


Through the principle that you create a calorie deficit…(there may be other benefits)

And my advice to you is to just try it….

Because THEN 

Even if you feel it doesn’t work?

Well, you now know.

And if does?

Great! Take the positives and you now have another ‘tactic’ to help you manage

Your relationship with food, binge eating, food intake, hunger etc.

For example, one of the ladies inside the programme

Uses the 5:2 diet as a tool in the toolbox..

It suits her lifestyle. 

We expect to fall in love on the first date and live happily ever after..

Remember this…

You do NOT have to fall in love with one diet for the rest of your life..

You know, when I think about it..

Some of my meals (like an omelette)

Will be vegetarian..

Some will be 50% vegan and 50% carnivore together (meat and veg) 

I may even have the odd meal that is vegan (especially when experimenting with recipes for our meal plan books)

I’ll often go lower carbs because it helps with my IBS..

I’ll rarely ever eat things like beans and lentils…

That works for me..

Just remember that every diet is simply a TACTIC to help you with the PRINCIPLE of achieving a calorie deficit. 

And ultimately,

The secret is finding a way of eating that suits your lifestyle…

That understands YOU

Your relationship with food

The fact you may still want a social life and a few drinks on the weekend.

So then it is less about an end point…

(which can often promote binging) .

And more about what you CAN do 

And achieve .

Like Sue said last week after celebrating her 70th Birthday

Check out Sue’s transformation here:

Anyway, it’s day 4 for the ladies who’ve just started our September Reboot on Monday…

On to more one to ones today.

If you’d like to join our 4th October start date?

Just message me with “Reboot” and I’ll get you the details.

Matt “under 5s 1993 Sand Castle Champion” Fruci