It’s better than Calpol 😱

It’s safe to say that I struggle to hit 5000 steps somedays…

let alone the 10,000 steps they tell use to hit…

Too many meetings in coffee shops, I say haha

And I get that this is pretty difficult to hit when you’re in an office all day. 

You have to make a conscious effort to exercise. 

Which – for humans – isn’t actually a ‘natural’ thing.

I mean, exercise used too just happen to live. 

Hunting for food. 

Walking instead of driving. 

Stairs instead of escalators. 

Manual jobs instead of sedentary jobs.

But today? We have to fit this exercise in on top of everything else. 

You see, you’re not lazy, you’re just in line with 95% of other people out there who are thinking of the million other things they could be doing instead of exercising…

But with research now showing that 1 in 4 us are now at a higher risk of cancer, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes 

because of our lack of exercise…

I don’t think this is something we should just ignore. 

Now, luckily for us, 

the latest research shows that exercise not only helps you feel good, shape your body and fit your clothes better…

But also – and I quote – “reduced depression in children, adults and older adults. Evidence also indicates that exercised was more effective than control conditions in reducing anxiety”

Powerful, right?

If it were a pill or came in a sweet, delicious purple bottle like Calpol?

We would all be taking it…

(and – yes – I have licked the spoon after giving my daughter some Calpol haha you only live once..)

What’s more is that there were benefits in people with pre/post natal depression, binge eating disorder and alcohol disorders. 

Where do the benefits of exercise end?

Well, one thing exercise doesn’t do..

Is make you do it…

You see, we were not programmed to want to do more than we have to..

It’s how we survived…

And it’s why we place such an emphasis inside our 4-Week Kickstart Programme on

1-Making it fun and building a support network of like-minded ladies all on the same mission, supporting each other

2 – accountability to help you do the things you probably already know you need to do

And speaking of accountability..

Here’s what Kathy said last week:

“I’m feeling good about meeting targets well beyond my original expectations. Raising aspirations …lost 1/6 of my body weight now going for 1/5th

I couldn’t have maintained it without you and your drip feeding. Considering you don’t put any pressure on people the simple result of being accountable generates it’s own energy”

Well done, Kathy!

Love that her goals have shifted 

As she has got more energy 

And exceeded what she thought she could do..


Power of exercise and nutrition..

It’s exciting.

And the best ‘medicine’ out there…

To upgrade your energy

How you feel


Body shape


And even perspective on life..

I mean, it’s powerful just how different my responses are to so-called ‘problems’

After I have looked after myself and got my self care / exercise in vs when I have put everyone else first and me last…


If you want to join Kathy and co on our 4 Week Kickstart Programme,

Specifically for ladies over 40 in Marlborough, Devizes, and Burbage…

Just message me 

And I will get you the relevant details for our October programme

Which starts next week (from 7th October)

Matt ‘better than Calpol’ Fruci

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