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“it always works for me”

Have you ever gone back to doing something because it worked before?

You see, I’ve done many things that have “worked” before…

Whether that’s controlled crying to get the babies to sleep 

Putting on Peppa Pig whilst needing half an hour to myself 

To eating low carb to drop some body fat…

But you know what I noticed?

because it “worked” before 

I sometimes place massive bias toward that thing

Making me believe that this is the best way…

Forgetting that if I’m back to this same position now…

Can I actually say it “worked”?

Which begs the question what does “worked” actually mean to you?

You see, many ladies will come to saying that a certain diet

Be it  Slimming World, keto, vegan, low carb, shakes

“Always works”

We then discuss what “worked” actually means…

And this seems to be the strategy we can work on…

Because what if

We defined “worked”

As having a positive relationship with food

Feeling fitter and stronger (so we can make every day tasks easier)

As something that is sustainable ?

Sure, these can all be sustainable diets.

Maybe it’s not the diet?

But our thinking about the diet…

And the whole approach of what we actually want?

What if we turn the question in to 

What would make me happy?

Either way,

You might get more motivation 

More leverage to stick to the diet

Or maybe some thoughts that what you want is different to what you think you want 🤔

My point is that if you don’t know what will make you happy?

It’s going to be hard to ever hit that.


Consider today

What would make you happy?

Why would it make you happy?

What happens if you don’t do this?

Sometimes that can give you the kickstart you need to do things that you didn’t think you could do 

Just like Linda has:

“I will give it a few more weeks before adding more sessions, but I am amazed at the difference in what I have achieved in such a short time.”

If you want to try something different?

Our March kickstart programme for ladies 40+ is open until Saturday 7th March 

Specifically for ladies 40+ who pretty much know what to do but still don’t do it

Message me with “Devizes”, “Marlborough” or “Burbage” and I’ll get you the details 

Matt “rambling on” Fruci