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Is this right…?

Is this right?

The ambiance is amazing…

Relaxing music…

View of the sea..

My sea bass arrives for me and Mrs Fruci..

The kids quiet colouring and eating..

Couldn’t ask for anything else.

The meal looks delicious. 

Tomato sauce..


Until I start chewing and see the inside of my sea bass.

Only to see 

It is slightly red..

I turn to Mrs Fruci and say:

“Is this right?”

I’m thinking ‘Surely this is right?”

Should I say something?

Or is this just how it is cooked here? 

^^ I am thinking in my head…

And despite seeming confident in what I do day in day out with my daily talks and blogs and coaching..

I finally plucked up the courage

To ask a member of staff.

They looked at it and took it to the kitchen.

The chef came out and personally apologised. 

Could not have been any more helpful.

Went back and prepared another. 

Again, I could see was massively disappointed with himself. 

When my new dish came…

It was perfect.

So why am I sharing this?

Well, unless you communicate your struggles

Your needs..

No one will ever know

There might be people there waiting to help you.

But they are too scared to.

Simply because we do not ask.

I know this is true with many of the ladies on our programme. 

Which is why we keep checking in to help..


You know how to do it…

But maybe you just don’t know the WHY enough?

Maybe you have a few questions about the WHAT?

But unless we go through this?

You will always stay stuck

And it is frustrating for you.

What are you struggling with right now?