“Is this ok as a snack?”

I was asked this question by one of the women inside our Kickstart programme.

And a few have asked my thoughts on these. 

At 150 calories and 20g of protein it’s similar to a protein shake so all good 👍 a snack or dessert.

You can get them from Aldi (or you could, they’re probably now sold out as I have bought them all muahhahaha)

Of course, getting your protein from beans, pulses, meats, eggs, etc is always encouraged.

But always consider “what’s the alternative?” 

When thinking things are “good” or “bad”, consider:

“Compared to what?”

 Eg if you didn’t have this mousse what would you have instead?

That will probably tell you whether it is OK or not…

And it is these little swaps which can add up to big results..

Matt ‘small changes, compound effect’ Fruci

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