Is it worth starting in December?

I had a question the other day about 

Whether it was worth starting in December. 

My response might surprise you here: 

And I wanted to share just a few of the wins so far in the last week or so

All from super simple habits focussing on what you CAN do.

From a short workout

To adding 10 chews to your mouthful today (give this a try) 

And like I say,

We often underestimate the power of getting started and getting the simple things out of the way like:

→ Knowing what to wear

→ The logistics of where I need to go and when 

→ Which sessions will suit me best

→ What I can do now with my nutrition that FITS MY LIFESTYLE

I could go on..

As ultimately,

You will always be missing out on something…

Be it the things you say you want

Or the things you say you don’t want…


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