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Is it too late?

Is it too late?

I had a question yesterday about whether it is too late to join our Pre Christmas Fit Habit Challenge

Specifically for women 40+ and 50+ who pretty much know what to do but want the plan and accountability to DO IT…

All whilst still enjoying meals out and social events..

Short answer 

(as we travel up to Nottingham with the Fruci Fit team today for a nutrition conference all about binge eating and strategies to help with this, rapid fat loss, intuitive eating, and the latest research on body image )

Is NO..

It is not too late…

This is about making small SUSTAINABLE habits, which you could do on your busiest most stressful day.

Habits which are so simple and easy…

Yet surprisingly WORK…

Giving you a headstart for January 

And leaving you feeling better for when Santa comes down the chimney…

And speaking of feeling better..

If you want to feel better?

Act based on on how you want to feel rather than how you currently feel.✅

Acting based on how you currently feel is leaving everything to chance… ❓

Because you won’t always “feel like doing it”…. 

Just remember, stressing about why you’re “not feeling like doing it” is taking your energy away …

Start smaller…

Rather than “why do I not feel like doing it?”


“What could I do?”

Just likes these ladies have here:

Small habits, compound effect 

Just reply with ‘Christmas Fit’ and I will get you the details