Is it just about low carb and fasting? 

Is losing weight just about low carb and fasting? 

Should you want to consider anything else?

Here’s what you need to know if you want a quick read:

 ​​“Is intermittent fasting good to help me lose weight?”​

It’s pretty trendy right now…

And although seeing the media hype it up like it’s some big secret makes me want to call it a fad…

It’s actually a useful tool in the toolbox …

In fact, I did it years back when I was studying at Oxford Brookes University.

I would leave my house at 5am, drive to Swindon, get the bus to Oxford, study, work in labs etc (where you can’t eat) and then eat my first meal / lunch on the bus on the way home at about 2pm..

Before going to do personal training…


And actually allowed me to drop body fat, get in the best shape of my life and still enjoy some great food in the evening with Mrs Fruci 

Simply because I had ‘saved up’ calories for later…

I still do it during the week most of the time now

So I can eat with the kids

And enjoy some flexibility 

(so I do not have to cook separately)

so in short, it can be a good tactic…

let’s say you skip breakfast and only eat 2 meals a day…

Your chances of overeating on calories that day may be lower…

Which means you will lose weight. 

Calories in, calories out, is the key to weight loss…

Fasting MAY also help people better control their blood sugar levels and regulate hunger…

In short, fasting can be a simple way to reduce calories without having to count them.


For others?

It results in a restrict – binge scenario.

All you think about is food all day. 

You stare at the cake cake in the office all day

Tell everyone you are intermittent fasting

And then have it anyway..

…followed by the F it Mindset, start again Monday…​​​​

Take Home:​​

​​Ultimately, losing body fat will improve the health of most people, regardless of whether you did it by fasting or not.

The principle behind this is creating a calorie deficit. Which means more out, less in. ​​

The TACTIC you use to get there has to fit your lifestyle.

Don’t like eating breakfast and feel like you’re forcing it down?

Why not delay it until mid-morning and see how you go? 

That might delay your lunch and

Maybe it’ll help you if you struggle at that mid afternoon crash time of the day?

Enjoy breakfast?

Keep it eating it. Just be sure to control your portions in your meals 🙂

But I get that you probably know that already.

In fact, through working with thousands of women and helping them create a positive relationship with food, there are 3 things that seem to work:

1) A simple personalised fitness and food plan that gives you the freedom to eat the foods you love (including your prosecco and Gin and tonic…) but some structure so you know what and when to eat so you can lose weight (and stick to it even on your busiest days)

^^^ As you probably have enough choices to make on the daily, right?

2) ​​​Accountability so you do the things that you know you need to do (and get a nice polite kick up the bum to help 😉)

3) Support from like-minded ladies all in the same boat looking to tone up, get fit and have some fun doing it so you don’t lose motivation when it gets tough…​​

If these 3 things sound like they’re what you need?

Then you might be interested in our 28 Day Kickstart for women 40+ who know what to do but need the motivation, step by step plan, and accountability to do it. 

Want more info?

Just message me with “28 day” and I’ll get you the info…

So you can build habits and fitness & food plan that fit your lifestyle, 

I’ll leave you with my one of my favourite quotes:

“In the end, you have greater control over your actions than you do your results. Your results are created by your actions” – Brian Moran

Here’s some of the wins from last week

Matt ‘fasting?’ Fruci

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