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Is cheese ok?

“Is ‘picking’/ ‘ grazing’ OK?

It is mainly healthy foods, fruit, protein stuff, cherry tomatoes, 

Sometimes Ryvita with some cheese on.

I need to stop?”

^^ had this question last week from one of the ladies inside our brand new Food Freedom Programme

And led to a conversation about so-called ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods (whatever that means)

You know, how she had done WW before 

And cheese was quite forbidden….

But then she had also been told it was good for calcium, her bones, absorption of vitamin D, osteoporosis..

It can get confusing, right?

I get it..

And the beauty of us working together on this

Is that we can decide whether she should ‘stop’ eating cheese

Based on her results.

Because it depends:

  1. Are you getting results right now?
  2. Are you happy with your results right now?

Now, of course, everyone wants to lose 10lbs yesterday …

But she is losing 1-3lbs every week…

And not really finding it hard.


Sure, it might not work tomorrow, next week, or next year…

But is she sticking to it?


Is she getting results?


Has she been able to be consistent with it?


You see, that voice will say:

“Make it harder lose more weight”

But what if that was the reason why you have kept yoyo dieting?

What if finding something that is simple and you can stick to for long enough to see the results you want was the key part?

This is exactly what I will be showing you in my FREE talk on 20th October 8pm in my free group entitled:

“How to overcome comfort eating and start to feel in control again”

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