Is 30 minutes of exercise long enough? 👀🕰

I’ll be honest, there are many days that go past when 

I simply cannot be bothered to exercise.

I don’t feel like it.

Just the other day

The bench at the studio and the bar was in the way of the pull up bar.

Now, something I do to fit in exercise around life, kids and work

Is to do pulls up when I walk past the pull up bar. It really does add up.

^^ practice what I preach about small habits, compound effect

Anyway, simply because the bench and bar was in the way of the pull up bar

I literally thought “I cannot be bothered to do it”

It made me really question myself…

You see, I get it. 

You probably struggle for time and motivation too when it comes to exercise. 

So what if you could get the same results, if not better results, from seemingly doing less? 

Well, you could…

Consider this:

1) Are you more likely to fit in a 30 minute workout compared to a 1 hour workout? If yes, over a 12 week period, you’re probably going to be more consistent at getting the 30 minute workouts in, which also brings me to point 2

2) If I said to you that we are going to do [insert workout] for 1 hour, how much effort would you be putting in compared to if you knew that you were only doing it for 30 minutes ?

3) On those days where you really can’t be bothered (like me yesterday…) how likely are you to do a 1 hour workout?

4) Did you know I used to just make sure I was in the gym for an hour when I was younger just so it ticked the box that I was “in the gym for an hour”?  It made me “feel” better… the time. Having kids changed all of this 👶😂 

Finally, if you exercise for longer, do you feel you need to reward yourself after? 

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to how long you should exercise for. 

The key to this?

Is that you do it. 

So make it easy and convenient 😃

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