Injury / mobility getting in the way? Try this 

It’s one of the things I absolutely love about the workouts we do at Fruci Fit…

You can always focus on what you can do. 

And this is the key shift that I did myself last week

Twinge in my left elbow …


And shoulder 

From …yep, playing sport haha

So I focussed on what I could do!

Rather than

“I can’t” 

switch to 

“What could I do today?”

And that’s what I did…

I couldn’t do my usual pull ups 

Couldn’t do push ups 

And I could have said

“sod it, I can’t do it anything”

But here’s what I did instead/

✅ walked to the studio for our sessions 

✅ focussed on core and legs 

✅ prioritised my food, Epsom salt bath and recovery exercises 

The result?

I felt so much better.

And this is the key. Reframing the so called “bad” days / times to look for the positives..

After all, without those injuries I would have said 

“I don’t have time for an Epsom salt bath”

Yet I loved every minute of it it 😀

Matt “still in the bath” Fruci

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