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In one week? 😱

In one week? 😱

It’s Wednesday 

Middle of the week

The dust has settled from the weekend 

But it’s still another few days until the next one 

^^^ that’s why people call it “hump” day 🐪 

It’s probably the most common day 

Where we fall off the wagon…


Because things get in the way..

And perhaps you don’t do what you said you would do

(which perhaps is the problem in the first place aka are your expectations too high?)

But here’s the thing…

Problems / challenges / obstacles are a critical part of your success

^^^ read that again 

It’s something that once I realised ?

Changed my perceptions about “failure” or “challenges” forever….

Be it with my struggles with public speaking to dealing with self belief to confidence.

So I thought I’d share these 4 comments (see images) I got a few weeks ago, all in one week. 

To show you that without the negative

There is no positive 

And that to get the amazing rewards?

You have to deal with some negative