Imagine this

It’s the first day back to school and work for many people today

(if it wasn’t yesterday) 

Normality resumes

And reality looms.

We can use this as a demotivator ?

Or a motivator.

But the first thing I want you to do ?

Is get excited.

For a moment, put the SMART goals to one side

And get excited about something.

Picture how you want to be feel and be,

Create a new reality in your mind.

Like Debbie did (see imagine)

Imagine this a year from now 

Imaging how you will feel?

Imagine what could be different a year from now?

And it all starts with making SMALL steps today.

Because motivation will not just come..

Because willpower will not just come

Because self sabotage will not just stop…

The secret?

Imagine who you want to be 

And act like that TODAY.

What would they do today?

Just like Debbie has done.

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