I’m still stuffed…

We just finished the Fruci Fit social calendar for 2022, with our Devizes Fruci Fit Christmas meal out. Shame about the football

We went to Condado Lounge in Devizes. 

Have you been before?

Must say, the sharing platters to start were amazing 😋 

The tapas style chorizo and houmous would have been enough for me…

But, it’s Christmas 😉 

So of course it was 

Topped Off with the pork belly and a cheese board. 

But that’s it for our Fruci Fit Christmas parties and events

It all started with our Marlborough Christmas meal at Ask Italian, then our Fruci Fit Chippenham Christmas meal at The Garden Restaurant, then our Fruci Fit Event where we brought the whole Fruci Fit community together 

and then our Fruci Fit Devizes Christmas  meal last week. I’m still stuffed just thinking about it 😂 

Talk about managing meals out and staying on track at this time of the year, ay?

The type of things we have been going over in our 21 Day Pre Christmas Habit Challenge 🙂 

And the type of things we will be focusing on in our January Kickstart! 


Because it’s always the simple things that work 💪

Small, simple habits you can do even on your busiest, most stressful day.

And of course,

It sure helps having the support of like-minded others with you. 

Which I must say

Is such a key part of Fruci Fit.

We wouldn’t be anything without our community and awesome team 


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