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” I’m SO happy!! “

Got this message from Debbie last week:

Well done, Debbie 😃

Really relevant given what I spoke about the other day regarding those weighing scales and how and why they fluctuate …

Anyway, since sharing the above I had a few questions about the “food, fitness and focus” stuff

So I thought I’d share.

When you look at the science in fitness , health and weight loss 

It’s never just the one thing which is “successful”.

Not only does “success” mean different things to different people 

But often “diets” alone might fail without other things being put in place..

Like some of the studies showing how mindfulness with nutrition could have a better effect than nutrition alone.

Like exercise and nutrition has a superior effect than nutrition alone.

And all of these things link together. 

Food – not just the what and how much but the implementation and plan of this. After all, most know what to do already but struggle to fit it to their lifestyle or overcome comfort eating 

Fitness – committing to being a more active person, with a focus on muscle, strength and longevity 

Focus – putting yourself first, being accountable and getting the support to stop stopping 

The one we prioritise first?

Depends on you. 

Where you’re at right now in these areas

Which is what we get you to do from Day 1.

Message me with “Summer” and I’ll get you the details of our next programme starting soon