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“I’m eating healthy… But I am still not losing weight…”

“I’m eating healthy…

But I am still not losing weight. “

A message I had the other day .

And I spoke about this the other day…

Because – sadly – sometimes our good intentions are stolen.

You see, weight loss and ‘healthy eating’

Are linked

But not the same.

And when we work with people who say things like:

“I have tried everything before, Slimming World, WW, Lighter Life…you name it, I lose some weight but never keep it off and now it is getting harder. Maybe there is something wrong with me”

One of the things we do 

Is to simply get you to share exactly what you’re having for a week or so.

It enables us to help you.

Sure, it is not sexy.

But the results are….

And as hard and painful as it can be…

We often hear from the ladies that

It is worth it

When they see their body changing

They feel more in control

And they finally start to see the results they want…

That sense of achievement. 

The blood sugar levels are better controlled. 

You name it…

It all seems worth it.

And that fear of what might happen 5 years from now if nothing changes…

Doesn’t seem to scary..