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‘I’m always bloated’

So I had a question the other day about bloating and gut health:

“I’m always bloated even when I am eating ‘healthy’”

And this is something that can have  huge impact on the quality of your life..

Bloating, flatulence, urges to go to the loo  etc. T

These are all life changing that can stop you doing what you want to do but also from absorbing nutrients you need to have more energy. 

Well, just make you feel at ease about this sensitive topic…

I’ll say now that for the first 20 odd years of my life?

I’d have to go for a poop (pretty urgently) after eating…

So, I guess you could say

I really am full of 💩​​​​​​​​​​…

But anyway, here’s a few things you can do to help (and a little trick to help with lactose intolerance):

1) Avoid spicy food – This can speedy up how quickly foods goes through you…

2) Limit caffeine  – Can increase stress hormone, leading to gut issues…

3) Chew MORE – Sounds simple, but when comparing those who chewed their food 10 times compared to 40 times, chewing only 10 times led to increased malabsorption  with can irritate the gut due to size of the food from malabsorption. 

4) Drink more fluids – If you have eaten more fibre or had a large meal…drinking more water can help, especially if you feel bloated / blocked. 

5) Only eat whilst sat down – you will be more present, you may eat slower and avoid high volumes of eating

6) Try meditation or yoga – in fact, yoga was shown to be just as effective at reducing symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome as a diet low in fermentable foods (like beans, wholegrains, brown foods, cereals)

7) Take the 5 day challenge – this might seem contradictory to what you normally are told..

That is to limit fermentable fibre in your diet…


Such as beans, potatoes, brown foods  / wholegrains, cereals etc.

I go into detail on this with UK Registered Dietitian, Mike Sweeney in this podcast episode here:

(He’s helped thousands of people with digestive issues with his clinics in the NHS)

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If on Android,

I will say that sometimes IBS / bloating can occur from simply a high volume of food in one sitting. 

Maybe you eat too many ‘free foods’ and not enough water?

Maybe someone buys you a load of purple Quality Street (guilty haha)..

So I guess once again..

It is coming back down to doing the simple things..

And doing those simple things very well, consistently. 

Just like we do inside our 4-Week Kickstart Programme

Specifically, for ladies 40+ in Marlborough, Devizes and Burbage

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Matt ‘full of 💩’ Fruci