I’ll have it in the morning 

“Can I go to the toy shop?”

My 4 year old ask…

“Maybe once your star chart 📊 🌟 is full up you can take some from your piggy bank”

I responded..

And this is hard.

It’s hard for us 

Let alone a 4 year old.

Doing tasks with no guarantee of a reward. 

I mean they’re still learning about how consequences come from their behaviour at that age.

And the benefits and results that come from delayed gratification.

We talk about delayed gratification a lot 

Inside our Kickstart programme .

It’s a practice …

And a strategy I yae when I fancy something on an evening but I’m not really hungry 

Is to say:

“If I still want it in the morning, I’ll have it then”

Give it a try. 

I’m not saying I can’t have it

I’m just delaying the choice.

A bit like I would when making many decisions.

Sleep on it..

See how I feel in the morning.

Can I really justify that pink fluffy unicorn outfit?

^^ did I just say that out loud ooops 

It was to entertain my kids, honest 😂 

But anyway…

Try it today.

If you get a craving 

Give yourself permission to have it in the morning tomorrow

If you still want it.

 “Sleep on it”

As we say. 

Matt “sleeping on it in his unicorn outfit” Fruci

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