I’ll be happy when

😀What USED to make you happy VS what makes you happy NOW 😃🤔

It’s funny overhearing people in coffee shops and gyms talk about what they did Saturday night at the pub, how drunk they were, clothes and brands they wore, and how much they lift in a gym…

Stuff I probably used to care about

Not so much anymore

What used to make me happy?

-walking around with a 6 pack all year around

– getting wasted on a weekend – binging on food as a reward for restriction…

– what people thought of me/being cool

– wearing branded clothes


– hanging out with the family/ kids and making them laugh / playing monsters with the kids

– feeling fit and strong – heading out to sea and the beach

– the silence of a spa

– truly changing someone’s life – seeing people go from hating exercise to loving it

-cropping my head on to pictures of unicorns

– making someone laugh

– cheesey dad jokes

^^^ that list isn’t exhaustive

Stuff that I used to feel I needed to be happy just doesn’t do it for me anymore

For me, once I achieved it the ‘happiness’ was often short lived and off on to the next bigger better version.

And a reminder that happiness is just an emotion.

it goes up and down.

the best part?

We can get a dose when we want by doing things that make us happy.

Not sure what makes you happy?

Try something new today.

Be curious.

Make a list of things that make you happy …

What about you have you found what makes you happy now?

Have you found it changed?

I’m just intrigued

What makes YOU happy??

The best part?

Whenever you’re on that space of “I should have done this” (you know, beating yourself up)

Go and do one one those things .


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