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“I wouldn’t have got up otherwise”

^^that was a message I got from one of the ladies who just finished one of our live workouts yesterday morning 

She admitted…

She only got up to do it because it was live…

And the fact I know whether she’s done it or not.

And that’s the thing..

There are so many things you could do to exercise…

Home workouts 



Yet so often we put them off…

And even though we know what to do…

Just don’t do it.

Of course, the onus is on you to do it.

But knowing and not doing 

Is as good as not knowing…

It’s why I’m doing a daily live 10 minute workout for the next 7 days (day 3 today) on my Fruci Fit Facebook page here:

.. we start at 7pm…

But I get even with that

It’s easy to put off..

Probably because there’s no routine.

And it’s something I’m working the ladies inside our programme with right now.

Giving them structure to help them create freedom (and watch less of the news 😉)

After all, many of the ladies will come to me and say 

“I lack willpower”

“I have no discipline”

But consider this:

You can’t have willpower or discipline if you don’t have a plan 

Because you have nothing to be disciplined to…

Can you see the issue?

Because you’ll probably set your standards super high 

And be comparing whatever you do to something / someone better than you 

Which leads to one outcome …

Feeling disappointed in yourself ! 

Which only then leads to that “F it” mindset…

So live 10 minute workout for the next 7 days (day 3 today) on my Fruci Fit Facebook page here:

.. we start at 7pm tonight.…

And if you’re struggling for motivation and need more support and guidance? 

I’m opening up our 28 Day Online Kickstart from Monday

Here are some of the details:

We start off with a one to one session with me where we’ll put together a step-by-step plan (this can be done via video call or phone) 


✅ I’ll set you 3 simple habits to do in the areas of food, fitness and focus each week

✅ Weekly check in with me using our Food, Fitness and Focus habits so we can see how to tweak things and identify and overcome any obstacles that may come up

✅ I’ll set you a personalised workout programme suitable for your lifestyle, whether you want to exercise at home, gym or even outside. 

✅ DAILY live 15 minute low intensity and 30 minute high intensity home workouts you can follow along with from home

✅ Live yoga and stretch sessions to improve flexibility 

✅ Live meditations time help you relax and unwind 

✅ A personalised nutrition plan and shopping list personalised for your lifestyle so you know what you’re eating and when

✅ Live Question and Answer sessions inside our Private, Members only support group where you’ll have access to me and get mentoring, coaching and guidance

✅ We have another 1-1 coaching session where we’ll check your progress, work on any obstacles and keep you on track so you can keep the results for good

Plus much more, including our meal plans done for you, with limited ingredients to help your food go further and get the nutrients you need to help you get fit and kickstart your healthy habits.

Limited to 15 spaces on this…

Purely because of the fact we sit down and go through your plans individually and give you high levels of accountability to help you so the things you already know you need to do (but still don’t do)

This is specifically for ladies 40+

Want more details?

Message me with” online” and I’ll get you the details.

Matt “live” Fruci