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I wish I could… 🧞‍♂️

So my 1 year old daughter (nearly 2)

Is going through an “Aladdín” phase…

Every other word is pretty much 





We’ve actually been watching the new version..

The one with Will Smith as the genie (which he’s hilariously cheesy in)..

But, one thing about watching Disney films today

Is just how many powerful the quotes are

Which – as a kid – 

when I was dressed up as Aladdín (wearing leftover curtains)


 running away from Jafar, crying my eyes out at Disney Land Paris..

I never quite understood..

Like this one from the Genie;

“To Be Free. Such A Thing Would Be Greater Than All The Magic And All The Treasures In The World.”

^^^ referring to the fact that you’re basically as free as think you are…

Aladdín is trapped as a  “street rat”, Jazmin “ trapped” as a princess and genie trapped in a lamp… 

pretty deep here: 

but what does happiness actually mean?

Especially as we have a great ability to compare ourselves with others in a biased way 

Comparing our weaknesses to their strengths..

^^ no wonder they say comparison is the thief of joy

And it got me thinking… 

About what traps you from doing what you said you would do?

Whether that’s relying on the number on the scales to dictate your happiness  

^^^ (forgetting that the number on the scales has many factors and is only one measure…and where do you get this “desired” number on the scales from? Is it worth the sacrifice to get there?)

Whether that’s the belief that you need to exercise for an hour (that means we almost justify doing nothing, which is comforting)?


Believing that you have to deprive yourself to get the results you want 

forgetting that your current habits may well be depriving you of:

having more energy?

Feeling more confident?

Fitting back into clothes you’ve not worn for a while?

Being fit enough to play with your kids / grandkids?

Getting into a routine where you exercise and get the endorphins going?

Feeling in control of your snacking?

-^^^ All potentially life changing things

My point here is that we’re often trapped into a way of thinking that is so strong and comforting 

That it justifies us staying the same 

And accepting where we are

Rather than doing what actually makes YOU happy..

And that COULD be a number on the scales 

Or it could be the clothes you wear

Feeling fitter 


Not worrying so much about your health 

Being obsessed with food

Getting into routine where you have the good endorphins going 

Feeling more confident to saying “yes” to more things 

Like walking, cycling or even bungee jumping (as one of the ladies said)

I actually had a chat with one of the ladies on Monday…

She mentioned that everyone says to her

 “you’re fine the way you are”

But despite this..

She doesn’t feel she is..

Now, she wants to be fitter

And more in control of her eating / snacking

She’s doesn’t feel happy in herself 

And her wardrobe doesn’t quite fit..

But she feels “bad” because she feels she is meant to be happy where she is now..

^^ Which is interesting, right?

You have one side with the Government obesity strategy saying People with obesity should lose weight 

Then you have the “health at every size” and being accepting of what we are..

And there is almost this pressure to pick one or the other.

But the truth is,

You have to find what works for you.

And there’s no one size fits all.

You do what makes YOU happy.

When YOU are ready…

And the best part?

It doesn’t have to be this huge thing that you can only do when

 “life calms down and it’s not so hectic”

^^^ because I’m not sure it ever will

And I get that this can seem like it’ll take a lot of time to do.

It’s not easy…

But what if you didn’t have to do 1 hour of exercise for it to “work”?

What if where you are now..

The thoughts you have

The beliefs you have (that serve you or don’t serve you)

Are just a reflection of your habits over the past 3,6 9 l, 24, or 30 Months?

And actually, where you went to be in 3, 6, 9, 24 or 30 

Is a reflection of what you do TODAY?

And what if it could also start with just 10 minutes..

Like Bev has done here (fitting in the 10 minute workout we send her every morning which helps you fit it in if you can’t make our live workouts  or are short on time / overwhelmed):

“I am loving the 10 min workouts…i started today with a quick 3mins with Matt’s procrastination one and went onto the Runaway penguin i always find this one hard because of the knees, but they are my weakest link so i think i am strengthening them maybe.

 I  am going to do the 10 min Towel before tea as well…i love these short blasts.”

Best part about this?

You start to build momentum 

And it all starts from the smallest step.

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