I was miserable 🚶‍♀️ 

Got this message last week

And I love seeing wins like this from the awesome women on the Fruci Fit programme 

Because I know these types of wins are hard to see TODAY…

It requires delayed gratification.


Do something today 

That you’ll thank yourself for tomorrow 

And when I see messages like this?

Be it finding walking uphill easier 

Getting up and down from the floor 

Feeling in control of food and even leaving food on their plate (despite

Being brought up to finish everything)..

Keeping up the kids / grandkids 

Doing their longest run or doing something in a workout 

I get excited 

Because we know at Fruci Fit

From the thousands of people we have worked with 

That these tendencies 

Will get long lasting sustainable results

As sure you get the quick wins 

Of energy 

Feeling great 

Feel proud that “I did that”

But when you do it for long enough to see and feel 

These types of life changing wins?

That’s when you get that internal motivation 

That feel good feeling 

To actually WANT to do it today 

Because by showing up today 

You continue to vote “yes” 

To making everyday tasks easier 

To more energy 

To walking uphills without being out of breath

To having the energy to do more things and keep up the kids and grandkids  

To getting sustainable results 

From a motivation point of view 

(Not just the Food and Fitness (which we go through inside the initial one to one)

Which is what we will be doing in the 100 Day Challenge 

Specifically for women 40+, 50+, 60+ and 70+

Who pretty much know what to do 

But want the plan and accountability to do it for long enough to see life changing results 

Message me with “100” and I’ll get you the details 


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