“I want to be able to fully commit”

“I want to be able to fully commit…

I am not sure it is the right time”

I have said this many times before.

In fact, only recently have I said that MANY times.

Given I am about to do the Fan Dance (an SAS event in Wales)

Which required lots of training 

And time 

Which I do not really have with the kids, family, Fruci Fit…

Or so I thought.

You see, I have not been perfect.

Far from.

I should have done / be doing more longer walks

I should have visited the mountains and prepared properly..

But guess what?

Even though I have not been as ‘perfect’ as I would have liked.

I have done more ‘long walks’ than I have ever done in my life…

I have now found something new that I actually enjoy…

^^^ And I even used to say things like “How do people find walking fun?” haha

So next time you find yourself putting things off

Thinking ‘now is not the right time because you can’t fully commit’

consider :

What would fully committing look like?

I ask because 

sometimes :

  1. We don’t actually know
  2.  It is probably unrealistic as there will always be stuff to do and things that get in the way

Which then begs the question

What if you didn’t need to be fully committed to make progress?

Wouldn’t it be fun to find out?


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