I started unwrapping it

Full of excitement

I could see the little sparkly pompoms

The fairy lights..


I thought.

Until I tried it on.

My Christmas tree outfit was too much.

It did not fit over my head.

I go back on to eBay to check the small print.

“Used as a costume for my son’s Christmas fancy dress. He won best costume. No longer needed.”


That explains it.

“Always read the small print” I thought.

“Silly me”…

But I could beat myself up

Waste energy

Or do something about it…

I bought a little Christmas tree hat to go on my head 

And no one would ever really know it was meant to be for a 4 year old….

And the really interesting part?

Just so happens that one of my daughters is a Christmas tree in this Nativity this year at school.

(my other daughter is a unicorn… must be from the newer testament?)

And it fits her perfectly. 

So that ‘silly me’ moment could not have really worked out better.

Why am I sharing this?

Well, we never really know whether a decision / choice is a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ one

But we are often so quick to judge 

We end up wasting energy beating ourselves up .

I seem to be having more and more conversations with people

To reassure them.

Which is a part of being a coach.

I mean, years of being told that you HAVE to follow something 100% or you fail..

Takes its toll.

But my challenge to you is to be curious, not critical .

^^ read that again 

What would I do differently next time knowing what I know now? 

And it brings me to the question of what is the best diet for you?

And I spoke about what to do HERE : https://www.facebook.com/MattFruciNutrition/videos/518382213644633 

Or you can watch on Youtube here : https://youtu.be/yIsCslhB4IA 

Matt ‘right size?’ Fruci

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