I say this to my kids everyday

Every day (pretty much without fail)

I ask this question to my kids:

“What was the best part of your day?”

Not because I am just making conversation

But because of how this can shift the way we all think (including me) .


Well, even the WORST day has a best part.

And imagine what could be different if you could focus on the best part more often?

After all, one thing we see at Fruci Fit

Is that if you can make your so called ‘bad’ days weeks a little bit better?

Then you will succeed.

As the moment you say “I have failed”

“I give up this week”

That is the moment you have committed to failing..

And your subsequent actions will lead to this

(as we all like to be right..in fact, we would rather be ‘right’ than ‘free’)..

So give it a try this week

Happy Friday 

Matt ‘best part?’ Fruci

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