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I nearly stayed in bed today….

So I got a message from Julie Smith after a morning session last week:

“I was particularly happy with myself today as I really felt like staying in bed when I first woke as had a bad nights sleep! 

By the end of the session I was feeling great so happy I dragged myself out of bed!”

And you know what was interesting about this?

I had literally just finished a workout as I read that.

My reply:

“Well done, Julie!

 I could say the same thing tonight. So nearly didn’t do my workout but feel amazing now! 

Interesting, that even me (someone who’s supposed to love this) still struggles with this”

And I’m sharing this because -ultimately- the fastest way to change the way you feel 

Is to do something. 

And I get it’s hard to actually do it…

But is it not hard to stay the same, too?

Matt ‘loves his bed, too’ Fruci