I messed up today 🤬

^^ ever said that?

Me too.

But from helping thousands of people transform their habits 

There’s one thing that’s super important with this.

It’s not about if you “mess up” but WHEN you mess up.

Therefore, the key thing is:

How you respond 

^^ read that again 

And I get you feel like 

“I could have lost a few more lbs”

“I could have tried a bit harder in the workouts”

Which aren’t necessarily “bad” as it means you care.

But if not being “perfect” makes you think “F it, may as well just blow it”

It’s actually JUST this that’s the issue.

It’s not how low you can get your carbs 

Or how much you reduce your saturated fat 

But rather 

Your response…

How quickly can you just get back to it?

Can you give yourself 5 minutes of reflection and then just get back to it when you “mess up”?

Imagine what would be different a month from now? 

3 months from now? 

12 months from now?


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