I have a confession to make…

The other day…

My 4 year old and 6 year olds turned to me whilst eat their breakfast

(scrambled eggs, mushrooms, bacon, baked beans)

And said:

“Can I have some ketchup?”

My answer may surprise you.

I looked up…

With a mouthful of bacon and eggs…

Finished chewing my food (as my kids will say ‘don’t talk with your mouthful’)

And said:

“What’s the magic word?”

To which they responded:


They went to the fridge, got the ketchup, and put it all over their eggs and breakfast.

The result?

They increased their protein intake, vitamin A, Vitamin D, and got a bigger dose of vitamin B…

All because ketchup means they enjoy it more.

And for me?

For the sake of 50 calories or so..

A little bit of sugar (of which most of it comes from tomatoes) 

I see no problem with ketchup.

Enjoying your food is key to making this whole toning up stuff sustainable. 

Not to mention that ketchup / gravy can make so called ‘lower calorie, nutrient dense’ foods like veggies, salad, more palatable 

Meaning higher fibre intake and potentially…

You eat less of something else. 

So in summary?

Sauces and ketchup are fine when trying to lose weight and fat…

As long as they are within your overall calories to achieve a calorie deficit. 

How do you know what a calorie deficit is for you?

Is your weight / body fat / measurements trending down over 2-4 weeks eating at that amount?

If it is, you are in a calorie deficit.

If it is not?

You may need to alter your intake or output (activity) 


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