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I felt like an astronaut

So we had our kickstart sessions for our February kickstart programme in Devizes over the past weekends

Where we put together a step by step, day by day plan to kickstart your 2020 body and fitness goals. 

(reply with ‘Devizes’, ‘Marlborough’ or ‘Burbage’ if you want details on our programmes by the way)

And one part of this discusses how to fit the diet to your lifestyle….

And on this note?

I have had many questions about Veganuary (vegan diet for January), keto, 5:2, carbs, skipping breakfast etc..

In fact, one of the ladies who has just come to the end of her 28 Day Kickstart Programme, Julia…

Mentioned how she’s not only 5lbs down…

But she is enjoying it..

And all without ‘feeling like an astronaut’ 

As she did on a shake diet she did before to try lose weight fast…

Eating meals from sachets 

Something you’d expect if you were off to space

Or in the trenches, perhaps…

She was then asked to buy Ketone strips to test with she was in ketosis…

Of which her reply was:

“I can tell because of how bad my breath is”….

Anyway, she is now feeling like she is doing something more sustainable 

And achievable. .

So I thought I would touch on the Keto diet today..

Because it IS a tool in the toolbox…

It’s where you eat the majority of your foods from FAT. It became pretty popular when Trudy Deakin came out and said she was eating 82% FAT….because it was just sugar fuelling obesity. 

It’s got kind of trendy now, too.

Kim Kardashian and – apparently – Megan Fox, too, have dabbled (as they do in every trendy diet)

Halle Barry was even quoted as saying ‘say yes to keto’ as if it’s some cult…

So, how does it work?

Well, you pretty much eat high fat foods like meats, eggs, nuts, butter, coconut oil, fish, cheese…

But pretty much avoid all carbs (including fruit) and even some veggies. 

Now, the idea is that your body starts burning fat as fuel.

And they’re right. Eat more fat, and your body will burn more fat…as fuel. But this doesn’t mean you will lose BODY FAT …unless of course you eat fewer calories…

Which you probably WILL end up doing on this diet.


Well, if you cut out bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, fruit, and pretty much all carbs…you’ve cut a third of your plate, right?

So you’ll probably end up losing some weight. 

Which is a good thing, of course.

Some people even find that it:

✅ keeps them full up for longer

✅ Allows them to eat foods they love (like bacon haha)

✅ Makes it simple without counting calories etc

And that’s great. 


If you were to ask everyone in a room to put their hand up if they have ever tried the keto diet…

And then asked this same group of people to KEEP their hand up if they are still doing it…

You’ll see very few people left with their hands up…

Because it is blooming hard to keep up…

But should you do it?

Well, the latest research showed that whether you go high carb or ‘ketogenic’…it will make NO difference to your weight loss if calories are the same.


this doesn’t mean that parts of being lowER carb are not useful. In fact, some of the ladies I work with DO experience less hunger and more energy when they eat slightly lowER carb meals.

My opinion on this?

The best diet in the world is the one you can do. 

I personally eat a lower carb diet (not keto)…

I feel better and I enjoy lots of protein and fats (they keep me full and I think less about food / snacks that way)…

But I stay flexible…

Because what happens when you want to eat out? 

Have some rice with your curry? 

Have your roasties on a Sunday? 

What happens when you get bored of eating the same foods? 

Can you see yourself sticking to this? 

Keeping the weight off long-term so you can ditch the baggy clothes for good?

Or will you fall into the trap of believing your thoughts telling you that you’ve failed because you’ve eaten ‘carbs late at night’?

It’s why we make things super simple for you using our nutrition system and fit the nutrition and fitness plan to your lifestyle (rather than the other way around)…

So you don’t have to ‘discriminate’ against so-called ‘bad foods’ …

Because whatever diet you choose to help you lose weight and tone up?

There’s a common theme…

Protein and muscle toning exercise (which when you consider bone density, healthy ageing, being able to get up and down for as long as possible, and keeping the weight off for’s pretty serious).

I mean, myself and most of the ladies inside our programme might eat highER carb one day and highER fat the next…

It’s finding what works for YOU

As a result?

Just like any healthy eating plan, it does require you to do it. Although it’s pretty simple and most of it is done for you and allows you to eat the foods you enjoy? You still have to actually do it. 

and that’s the secret…

Whether you do the keto diet or something else..

Just do something..

Because that is how you will learn what works for you

And get clarity on what doesn’t work…

Just like we do inside our kickstart session where we put together your starting step by step day by day plan

Matt ‘Head Scientist at NASA’ Fruci

PS. I spoke more about the keto diet here: