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“I feel guilty…I should have done more”

^^^ I’ve heard that a lot over the past weeks 

Not just from my head..

But also from our members.

It prompted me to share a post on Facebook about it yesterday

Which I got a lot of people commenting and messaging me about 

Saying that they felt the same and needed to hear that.

So I thought I’d share it again today

Just in case you haven’t seen it..


If you haven’t done everything you said you would do during this time, 

don’t be too hard on yourself,

(Yep, I haven’t read that book, learnt to play the guitar or learnt Italian either, shame on me 😉)

Because what if it just means that other things are more important to you right now? 

Like family, work, exercise, garden, etc..

 instead of beating yourself up, consider what you value the most and just keep doing more of that 😀 

One of two things may happen:

1) You might not be so hard on yourself (after all, you’re doing what you value instead of what you think you should do)

2) you end up realising that you should do more of the things that you value and mean a lot to you 

After all, you’re generally happiest when you do things that align with the things you value. 

Just consider a time when you’ve been tired, bored or sad..

But then seen someone or done something 

And instantly you have more energy…

For example, I am just a better human being when I exercise.

I feel better 

Have more energy..

More patient.. 

Less irritable..

I generally make better food choices…

I could go on.

This is why I prioritise exercise.

Because it has a positive domino effect.

A bit like Karen said today:

“Hi Matt, thanks so much for the classes, so much to choose from , I pick one that I feel like doing, and it sets me up for the day . Add a walk and I’m feel brilliant. I’ve definitely lost weight in the last three weeks , not even eating less really, yet it’s happening. Thanks so much, I really appreciate all your hard work and encouragement.”

 As they say, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”…

You don’t have to do it all today for it be a “good day”..

 Start with one thing..

Something we do is go through 3 habits:



FOCUS (self care)

You can then decide which of the above is your key domino.

If you’re a lady over 40 or 50, who wants to get fit, stay sane and drop a dress size in the next 4 weeks while on lock down, and wants to have lots of support and fun along the way, our “28 Day LIVE Workout at Home Programme”, may be a good fit.

For more info, message me  with “28 Day” and I’ll get you the details 

Matt “perspective” Fruci