I eat healthily but don’t lose

Got this message last week (see image)

and it’s interesting 

As I’ll get some messages that would say:

“I never lose weight”

(Whilst still losing 1lb on a week which although doesn’t seem much is 52lbs in a year)

And this “I never lose weight” 

Can then leave us thinking “what’s the point”

I may as well give up.

Only for a year to pass 

We are more unfit 

Mobility gets worse 

Cycling with the kids becomes harder 

(As one of the ladies mentioned)

So I thought I’d share a quick 1 minute video showing you why there’s a difference between “health” and “weight loss”

Not just to help educate 

But to also remind you that the benefits of a healthy eating and exercise 

Are much more than “weight loss”

From mobility 

To getting up and down from the floor more easily 

To mental health 

To your mood 

Your energy 

Bone density 

Symptoms of menopause 

I could go on.

Anyway, here’s that video 



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