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I don’t want to have to eat separately

This is something that comes a lot anyway..

But probably moreso now that some families are back together in lockdown.

And as lovely as that is?

I know that some of the ladies find it more difficult with 

Snacky food in back in the house…

More alcohol around…

Family wanting different meals.

I can make things more difficult 

And the last thing you really want to do is cook  separately.

I totally get that.

And why I wanted to share with you some recipes that you can do with few ingredients 

That are easy, nutritious, family favourites and filling!

Because – as some of the ladies have said this week – having bigger meals 

Focussing on protein and veggies

Has helped them to stop snacking…

So here are some ideas see images 

(Including satay chicken, beef stroganoff, risotto, sausage pasta and cowboy beans) 

And most of these ingredients you probably already have laying around in your kitchen with nothing to do, feeling worthless 😉

Some of meals are around 500 calories…(even with adding some rice)

Which, if they’re filling?

Can easily be factored in to your day 

To make it healthy and ideal for fat loss.

You see, this isn’t about good or bad foods

But self awareness as to “why”

You eat when you do…

That’s why we start with 3 habits inside our 28 Day Home Kickstart

Focussing on your

Food – be it snacking or getting the right nutrition in to get more energy 

Fitness – setting the workouts you’ll do – whether that is our floor workouts, standing workouts, yoga, stretch , meditation or quiz night workouts with me (or even our party workouts for next week)

Focus – aka self care- doing something for you- because how you feel Impacts what you do and the results you get – whether that is ready, having a bath or FaceTime with a friend / family member  right now