I don’t believe it…

It was hanging on for dear life….

“Let me see if I can get it out” I asked

But no..

My 5 year old daughter would rather leave her tooth hanging 

Flicking it around


Amusing her sister

And using it as a great excuse to stay up later..

Up and down the stairs

(one of those nights)

“One more story”

“Right it is bedtime now”

10pm arrives

And they both come down…

‘The tooth is out”


The best part?

“You best go to sleep so the tooth fairy comes’

And just like that?

Two kids

Flat out asleep…

The power of accountability 🙂 

And now my daughters don’t have any more wobbly teeth

(for now)

We seem to be turning our attention away from the tooth fairy towards 

Father Christmas. 

(who else)

And already 

We are getting the ‘so and so said Rudolph was not real”


She said ‘but he is..”

Phew, 5 is definitely too young to be believing santa is not real.

But the thing is

Just like the tooth fairy..

You don’t just suddenly stop believing.

It is gradual. 

There are a few moments you question it..

Then eventually 

You realise and you think ‘ah yes, that makes sense now”

And it is the same when it comes to this health and fitness stuff.

I can say the same thing time and time again

You can try the same thing time and time again..

It may feel hard time and time again..

But progress is gradual..

You see, it is easy to think that you want to get faster results

Or that it is easier in January.

Thing is, progress is always gradual .

We forget the power of habits.

Might be hard today

But it will be easier tomorrow….

Imagine getting through December and going into January 

With an exercise routine already established (from knowing what to wear to where to go to the technique to the fact you will not be too unfit to do it…)

With the confidence to know that even with social events and temptations everywhere 

You have the skills to feel in control?

To know what works for you.

To have the accountability to do the things you know you need to do 

(which leave you waking with more energy)

Just like Margaret Mary said (see image)

And these are exactly the things we do in our Pre Christmas Habit Challenge starting Monday 28th November…

Message me with ‘Christmas’ and I will get you the details. 

Specifically for women 40+ who know what to do but need the plan and accountability to do it.

Believing in Father Christmas is optional 😉

Matt ‘tooth fairy’ Fruci

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