I didn’t put any weight back on…

So I got this message last week

And just reading this

It can be quick to say:

“That is not fair”

“It is alright for them”

“I look at ice cream and I gain weight”

And I can guarantee that this person

Would have once said the same to me.


Then she sent the another message

And it got me thinking about just how meaningful 

‘Small habits, compound effect’  Is 

when it comes to getting sustainable results.

Sure, you might not think the small habits we initially set you in our Reboot Kickstart

 (reply with ‘Reboot’ and I will get you the details)

It might not show an instant change on the scales..

But when you keep going for long enough…


→ doing more like swimming ‘in the sea’

‘climb up and down stairs with ease without getting out of breath or feeling like I needed to stop for a rest’ 

And I love this

As the more you do

The more you do

And this means you simply become a more active person

As everyday tasks become easier

Which means 

You burn more calories

You are stronger


Joints working better

I could go..


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