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I cried…

I cried…

“I want to go on that”

My 4 year old said, staring at the ghost train at the weekend at Marlborough Mop fair.

And despite the cost being the same as a return flight to Barbados…

We got on the ghost train together.

Waiting patiently on the ride

As Frankenstein and ghosts started making loud noises…

I couldn’t tell whether this would be a big mistake in making her super scared of the dark..

Or whether this would be a good thing..

I mean, I have memories going to Disney Land Paris 

and crying when I met Jafar..

^^^ I was young, it wasn’t recently, and I think I am ready to go back there soon and face Jafar again 😉

So the ride starts

And if you didn’t know you just go up and down on a little roller coaster whilst loud noises, ghosts and Frankenstein jumped out in your face in the dark…

And despite showing no emotions on the ride…

 The conclusion was ‘that was fun” haha

And to think I nearly decided not to take her on it..

And it reminded me of something I was sent the other day from one of the ladies who has finally found something she feels comfortable with through training with us mainly from home but also with us at our private ladies only studios in Marlborough and Devizes..

Which was that 25% of people feel too intimidated to go to a gym..

“Gymtidation’ they call it..

21% of people were worried about looking unfit in front of other people…

And 19% worried about what others would think of them…

Which all contributes to why we are less active than ever right now.

Increasing the risk of issues that come with ageing, like osteoporosis and lack of independence as we age. 

But here’s the thing. 

This is really worrying to me.

As the industry that is supposed to be helping people is actually putting off the people who need it most..

^^ read that again

Because it’s not just women who feel this intimidation around gyms.

When I was just personal training in a ‘gym’ before we opened our studios and home programme..

I would get this from guys, too.

In fact, this is where our Kickstart for women over 40 all started.

When a lady I was working with in a gym…

Felt panicky because it was so busy and just felt everyone was watching.

I started training her in her home. Then her friend also wanted to do it…

Fast forward a few years and we have over 100 sessions a week all specifically for ladies over 40 in and around the  Marlborough, Chisbury and Devizes areas. 

And an awesome community of like-minded ladies..

Helping each other to get 1% better each day.

Even if that’s starting off by doing it at home

Following along with our ‘click n play’ home workouts until you feel confident to come.

This is YOU vs YOU, after all. 

But I get it…

Anything ‘new’ is going to be scary. 

Especially when you think it might be like what you have tried before..

Like never being able to book classes you want.

Not knowing what to do 

Or being left to it in a busy gym full of equipment and bodybuilders…

But like anything.

Public speaking for the first time.

Starting new job..

Becoming a parent..

Going on the Ghost Train

nothing is ever as scary as it seems. 

^^^ ok, apart from meeting Jafar…that is scary. 

Think about everything you ever did…

With that was a whole load of fear and worry..

But you’re still here today

And you go through it.

So take confidence from that.

Just like the ladies have done here…

And you too

Might be on your way to feeling fitter

Saying ‘yes’ to more social events and things you want to do 

Feeling more confident 

Wearing the clothes you want to wear.

I could go on.

It’s human nature to put your attention on the costs of DOING something…

Rather than the costs of NOT doing something…


We focus on what others will think, what if we fail etc.

Rather than:

What if we succeed, feel fitter, enjoy it, drop some clothes sizes, get more energy

And my final question?

Wouldn’t it be fun to find out?

That’s why I am doing a FREE LIVE training on 20th October 8pm, entitled:

“How to overcome comfort eating and start to feel in control of your food again”

Join me here  ( you will need to request to join):

Rather than spend more energy worrying about ‘what if’ scenarios?

Matt ’what if’ Fruci