I couldn’t be bothered 😕 

So I was in a hotel gym the other week

Quite small 


Top of the range eco friendly equipment. 

Some weights were using “water” as the weight.

Machines made partly of wood. 

Quite impressive .

And I had the whole thing to myself. 

No waiting for equipment ..

It seemed 


Yet I get in there 

And I could not be more demotivated.

I do a set. 

Then I’m on my phone. 

Doing- essentially-  what I’m doing now.

On my phone. 

Writing a blog

Checking in with clients. 

Doing a video .

And I’m thinking- 

Is this because I don’t value myself as much as others?

And , it’s not.

So what was it?

The lack of accountability and support. 

No one to train with.

No one to push me

No community.

No one to aspire to

And these are all things that by default 

Help get you started 

And help keep you going.

Which Is exactly why I personally prefer to do short mini workouts throughout my day (so I don’t rely on others or motivation to do a longer workout)

And at Fruci Fit

We have created an awesome community of like minded ladies supporting one another 

To keep going.

Ladies in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and even 80s 💪😀

Achieving more than they could have imagined. 

And dare I say it—

Enjoying exercise 

 Feeling fitter 

With more energy 

It’s not just because of what the research says about this.

I’ve seen this first hand ever since working with Public Health and in the NHS delivering education with GPs and Diabetes Specialist  Nurses. 

When you bring like minded people  together – as we did with people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes…

There is something in common.



Which you just don’t get from a cookie cutter health course.

Anyway, just an observation from my demotivated hotel gym workout 😂 


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