“I can’t win”

I can’t tell you the number of times

Some of the ladies on our Kickstart say how juggling work, family, 

Meal times, looking after kids / grandkids / parents…

Means something always has to give.

There seems to be always someone you let down.

Thing is, truth is?

We cannot please everyone, all of the time.

And beating yourself up for it 

Is only going to waste energy that could be spent on those that really do APPRECIATE YOU 

And what you can do for them.

I get it.

I mean, just the other day I had a message from someone that said ‘get the hint. I’m not interested’..

After they applied for more information about our programme and I rang them to give them the info to see if we can help or at least point you in the right direction.

See, I am quite old school when it comes to this.

As just sending an email with info doesn’t do what our team at Fruci Fit do justice..

Plus, we need to actually see if we can help you. 

After all, we offer a lot of FREE trainings that might be more relevant to someone than joining Fruci Fit at this time.

Maybe they are not ready 

Maybe they are moving closer soon

Whatever the reason…

Thing is, I can look at the above and think “maybe I shouldn’t ring people”

“Maybe I should stop doing my videos”

^^^ Just like what I nearly did when my morning chat daily video /podcast (which I have done every day since 2017 for free) got some feedback where someone said they can’t watch me as I move my arms too much…

Something I learned quickly though?

For every one person that doesn’t fit in with what you do or like you..

Someone else does..

The key part?

Being you.

I enjoy sharing so much information and knowledge.

After all, not everyone is going to work with Fruci Fit.

I get that.

But we want to leave a legacy.

So at the very least, if we can help someone move today..

Be inspired today…

Or maybe 

Avoid a fad diet

Or expensive supplements 

Looking for quick fix

When really we need to think differently about this health and weight loss stuff?

Then I am happy. 

Like I say to my kids everyday:

“Have fun, do your best, be kind “

That is it.

You can’t lose if you keep going.

And just like I could have spent time beating myself up

Questioning what I am doing..

Instead, I thought I would share a few things we are doing for free with you today (just in case you missed them):

  1. My free guide on overcoming cravings and eating out HERE
  1.  The free training I did on women’s health and PCOS here
  1. My free training on how to ditch the bloating and improve your gut health HERE 
  1. Over 300 daily, short, impactful podcasts to inspire and motivate you on doing the things you know you need to do..


>>> CLICK HERE to grab it for free (if you have an iphone)

If you have an Android, click here

And just some of the feedback from these this week (see images)

Which GIVE me energy…

And of course.

If you want to join our 21 Day Pre Christmas Habit Challenge Starting 28th November?

Message me with ‘Christmas’ and we can see if we can help 

Matt ‘energy flows where your attention goes’ Fruci

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