How was yours?

So another year has come to an end at Fruci Fit 🎉

And another has now started..

Just like we preach, it’s so important to reflect and see what you’ve achieved. 

It’s so easy to get carried away focussing on the next step. But by doing this you miss the amazing view you see half way up the mountain. 

That pause, deep breath. That reflection to give you the insights and space to improve. 

What worked?

What didn’t work?

What would you have done differently?

These are the exact same questions we would ask on your health and fitness journey. 

And questions that forced me to reflect and put a plan together to improve my own motivation for my fitness.

But anyway, here are just some highlights from the last year at Fruci Fit:

✅ 4 Fruci Fit events where we bring everyone together for workouts, fun, social and food 😋 

(Watch this space for more events coming soon)

✅ 23,210 Fruci Fit sessions were completed by clients, be it online or in person 😀💪

✅2 babies were created by Fruci Fit coaches 👶 

✅ we put on 9,890 Fruci Fit sessions be it online or in person, including events (this excluded our one to ones and personal training)

^^ flexibility is so key for us as we get you’re busy 

✅ We have now received 119 FIVE star reviews on Google 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟 

✅ Fruci Fit have a brand new studio in Chippenham 🎉🥳

✅ The Fruci Fit team went from 7 to 10 coaches 💪

✅Ribena remains the most consumed drink amongst Fruci Fit coaches, with 641.7 gallons consumed in 2022 (and this excludes Christmas Day)

✅ 3 Fruci Fit Education courses helping people follow their passion and start new careers in the industry (amazing to see people grow and love what they do)

^^ our next course starts in January (which is full) but we do have another course starting in April  

✅  The birth of the Fruci Fit internship

✅ Together, as a team, we went through and recycled 1,460 tins of mackerel, which have been used on Santa’s sleigh this year

✅ 547.5 gallons of coffee ☕️ were consumed by Fruci Fit coaches 

✅ released a brand new podcast for free everyday of the year, including 4 free giveaways (mini comfort eating course, free book showing you how to overcome cravings, and our free 5- day kickstart)

^^^Our 5-day Kickstart begins on Monday 9th January, go here:

🤩 what a year, and I could go on…

But I’d be forgetting that with all positives there are also challenges …

❎ We didn’t go on as many education days as we’d like as a team at Fruci Fit (which we have already rectified with two conferences next year to help us stay ahead with the science and application of nutrition and exercise)

❎ We got a 1 🌟 review from someone who never joined Fruci Fit and I’ve never spoken to in my life 😮 

❎ There were some people who I knew Fruci Fit would be life changing for but they were too nervous to start and it pains me to not currently be able to help everyone (but I know that’s also unrealistic yet something to work towards) 

And again- I could go on.

Many lessons and many achievements.

Grateful for everyone who put their trust in us to help! 

Let’s go 2023 👀 

And here is a little video summarising the year: 


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