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How to stop stopping 🛑

Something we’ve found this past week in the Fruci household

Is just how powerful having a star chart is for our 3 year old.

We did it before but kind of just stopped. You know, things get busy.

But throw lockdown in the mix 

And a few more than normal

 “that’s mine” 

“She’s not sharing” 😂😂

 And – well – I’ll be honest..

We had to something 

It was time to shift the focus away from the problem and towards something more positive…

Anyway, she loves these little £2 Disney toy figures from Asda.

We use them as a reward after finishing her star chart. 

She can see them everyday. She talks about them. Looks at them. 

And gets excited. It’s really cute to see, actually.

And the difference in her has been huge..

^^^ Sure, she still wants what her sister wants from time to time  😂 

But all this reminded me about just how important having a reward in place is for your motivation.

To help you keep going 

And stop stopping.

In fact, I’ve noticed during this lockdown 

Just how motivated I am by days out with the family, even if it was to the park.

I’d think “I’m going to work really hard until Saturday and then enjoy spending the day doing [insert thing]”


“I’ll train like this because I’m doing this event [Spartan] “

But as soon as these were taken away and cancelled 

It knocked me a bit.

So when I asked the question:

“ what is it I like about them that motivate me?”


What are the perceived benefits?

I can think of other ways to get it…

Whether that’s attaching benefits to the thing I perhaps don’t enjoy so much 


Creating a list of NON FOOD related  rewards…

That I will reward myself with to keep motivated…

Here are some example of mine and what some of the ladies on our 21 Day Kickstart have mentioned:

  1. Get an old pair of jeans out of the wardrobe so I can see them everyday 
  2. Book a holiday (we already had a holiday booked to Cornwall which may go ahead)
  3. Buy some flowers
  4. Have a bubble bath (I’ve been doing this about 4x a week recently)
  5. Have a lie in
  6. Have a home spa
  7. Buy a spa treatment for when they reopen 
  8. Get a fitness tracker
  9. Buy some new workout gear / trainers 
  10. Buy a new book 
  11. Dye your hair 
  12. Book a haircut (Mrs Fruci will be attempting to sort this out over the weekend for me 😂 )

Whatever it is..

Be kind to yourself 

A little self care along the way might do more than you think..

This fitness journey isn’t just about weight loss and squats…

As Jane mentioned:

If you want to give yourself an opportunity to feel better about you everyday then invest in you and try this.

 It’s not just about weight loss, it’s about feeling stronger, fitter and creating healthier habits long term. 

Matt Fruci  and his team provide the knowledge and support to help you do this. 😉😃

And you know what?

This comment actually fills me with pride.

I got asked the other day about why and I started doing this..

^^ more on that tomorrow

And one of them was because of what I have seen in this fitness and diet industry

Stemming back to when I had an eating  disorder growing up.

The good and bad foods.

The yo-yo dieting 

The binge and restrict..

The start and stop…

Rather than..

Focussing on what you can do..

The fitness

The strength 

The feeling of empowerment for what your body can do..

The things you now say “yes” to

Your confidence..

How you feel, mentally 😃

Your health 

Immune system..


It’s so much more than weight loss…