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How to stop ruining your dinner (by snacking at 4pm)

So I had a ‘kind of’ question the other day at one of our kickstart sessions 

Where we go over your current situation, obstacles, and goals

And use this to put together your step by step, day by day plan…

Which was:

‘I just need to get better at planning’

Cool part?

She already knew what to do..

Hard part?

Where to start…

You see, I get that planning your meals seems like a big upfront load of time and energy…

But here’s the thing

You are going to have to make a decision about what you eat at some point

So why not do it when you are in a position of more energy and rationale thinking


Waiting until you are hungry, stressed and tired (lacking a load of willpower)

And expect yourself to make a good decision…

It is no wonder we end up chasing our tails and beating ourselves up..

Blaming willpower..

But as with everything I talk about…

I am going to simplify this seemingly overwhelming task right down to ONE THING…

And that is to ask these questions (and I will run you through the conversation I had with one of the ladies inside our Kickstart Programme):

  1. One that word that would describe the feeling you want to create today?

Control over my food, especially at 4-5pm as I am hungry and often ruin my dinner by snacking

  1. Why that feeling?

I feel so annoyed with myself when I don’t have control. I beat myself up. It ruins my week. 

  1. One thing I am willing to do to create that feeling today is…

I will choose a meal / snack and plan it in for that time rather than saying to myself:

‘don’t eat, don’t eat, don’t eat’ and then beating myself up for eating and then thinking F it,

Then I ruin my dinner as I am not hungry, but still force it in…

^^^ Can you see how simple those questions make this?

And you might say:

“I cannot have a meal at that time”

But when you consider that most things you ‘snack’ on at that time

Are easy to overeat and calorific…

You could easily eat 500 odd calories 

When you could have had:

 A stir fry

 Yoghurt and berries

 Smoothie

 Peanut butter on rice cakes/ crackers

 Houmous and carrot sticks

 Grenade bar

 omelette 

I could go on..

My point is that just by having a plan

This gives you PERMISSION to eat…

Which MAY change your mindset and relationship with food from:

‘don’t eat, be good’


‘I am choosing to have this at this time. I have planned for it’

Because there I a difference between saying

‘I can’t eat’


‘I am choosing not to have that’

And having a plan allows you to have the option to CHOOSE..

And when you choose / make the decision you want?

You are in control..

Matt ‘control’ Fruci