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How to stop eating when you’re not hungry

Don’t worry,

I’m not here to write about how I never eat when I’m not hungry.

I do…

In fact, just on Sunday even after a big meal…

We got in bed with the kids and had a movie night..

Of course, what comes with a movie night?


^^ homemade with salt and cinnamon but still…

I’m sitting here stuffed from a roast chicken dinner

But feel the urge to put my hand in to the bowl just an arms reach away..

Crazy, right?

Now, I was so stuffed that I only had a few.

But still…

It just show how important our environment impacts what we do .

In fact, one study gave people in a cinema STALE popcorn to see how much they would eat.

What happened?

They still ate it..

When asked if they liked it…

They were a bit like ‘meh’..

But my point is they still ate what they were given…

So what can we do about this?

Here’s 5 tips to help below:

1 – Make a rule for when and what you will snack on – you plan holidays, family stuff, work and shopping…yet when it comes to food we sometimes just expect to wing it..

Try this:

“I will have [insert snack here] at [insert time] today”

^^ give yourself permission to have what you like. They key here is the permission. Rather than ‘Oh F it, I have had one biscuit I may as well give up”…you are making it a part of the plan…

2- Ask yourself: What are you craving? Is it worth it (mentally and physically)? What is the smallest amount you would need to be happily satisfied?

3- How much does this cost you? Put a £ sign on the cost of eating when you’re not hungry. How much does this cost you ?

4. What happens in 5 years time if you don’t get a handle on this habit? To your health? You? Relationships? 

5. What can you do instead of this behaviour? When trying to change a habit, rather than focusing on not doing something, it can be easier to focus on what you CAN do, whether that is food related (planning your snacks in) OR self care related (doing something fun for you..

I know for sure

That if I have a bath on an evening,

I snack less on an evening with EASE…

Bath and bed…☺ 


But I don’t always do it, I’ll admit that.


Just like we say in our 21 Day Kickstart Programme..

This is not about being perfect…

And just so happens that you don’t have to be perfect..

Here’s what Karen messaged me saying on Sunday night:

“A real win today, back in one of my favourite tops after 2 years.  Not put on any weight or inches since lockdown, actually lost some. 

So your exercise classes are working. Can’t wait to start personal training. “

That’s it from today..

If you’re a  lady over 40 or 50, who wants to get fit, stay sane and drop a dress size, and wants to have lots of support and fun along the way, our “21 Day Home Kickstart”, may be a good fit.

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