How to stay on track (even if it is a weekend)

Later nights

No alarm clocks



^^ even my 4 and 6 year olds have a different routine on the weekend.

So it’s no wonder they get a bit more tired

But what’s the actual difference? 

There is no plan…

^^ read that again

We think that having a plan is a nuisance…

It is hard..

But isn’t not getting the results you want hard too?

And I get it, I am the last one to plan things…

Even when I do, my plan rarely goes 100% to plan..

But just by having a plan, even if it goes 50% or 80%..

It still goes BETTER..

But planning aside?

I want you to try this ONE mindset shift to stay on track (even on a weekend):

Instead of saying  ‘What if’ replace with ‘EVEN IF’


Even if I don’t have time to do my normal workout, I will do [insert shorter alternative instead, even if it is an infamous 1 minute Fruci Fit workout]

Even if I am eating out both day, I will [control my breakfast and lunch both days]

Even if I am too nervous getting started, I will show up anyway

^^ how do you even know what being too nervous is? Unless you are mystic meg, you will never know…

Matt ‘even if’ Fruci

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