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How to keep motivated even if you’re not as fit as you were

So the other day during our live workout..

Technology failed me half way through.

Literally crashed and threw me out.

“Where have you gone?”

“You’ve  frozen, Matt”

^^ some of the messages I got.

Now, bear in mind we do 4 to 5 live workouts a day (that you can choose from)

This has only happened once for me !!


I must admit,

It stressed me out.

I even noticed thoughts of “people are going to be annoyed”

“They might just not bother”

And it gets to me when I think that. As much as I know that’s not true…

I don’t like letting people down, especially as some of the ladies are compete technophobes 

So I didn’t want this one experience to put them off of getting the benefits of feeling fitter and healthier..

And like what happens with 99% of your worries…

It didn’t matter…

In fact. Here are a few messages I got:

“I just took a break inbetween the two parts and did the second part later on. It suits me doing shorter bursts of exercise”

“I ended up doing the second part. I wasn’t going to workout at all”

And – wow- just like that 

Did it remind me of how 

  1. You shouldn’t believe everything you think 
  2. Our shorter, back to basics 15 minute workouts, no floor workouts (where everything is done from standing)  and stretchology workouts are such great places for many ladies who aren’t sure if they’re fit enough or if they’re doing the exercise safely and effectively

that’s why we have our Back to Basics workouts on Monday and Wednesday 

Where we break down one exercise into simple steps so you can do it, regardless of how fit you are..

and no floor workouts on Tuesday and Thursday

And it was great to get these messages on Wednesday from Linda and Wendy:

Today I managed 5 minutes of boxing  5 minutes high legs/ jogging, on the floor I did cycling counting to 60 and 10 press ups, and I have managed to touch my toes. Also did some floor exercises that my husband does for his shoulder.

I can honestly say my husband and I are so proud.😀😀😀


“First workout on the floor. I want to work on my stomach muscles”


Well done Wendy and Linda!

Stronger, fitter and getting up and down from the floor.

Will sure come in handy when reunited with the grandchildren 

Which I know is a big “why” for them.

Stay safe, control what you can and keep positive.

I’ll leave you with this 

“In the end, you have greater control over your actions than you do your results. Your results are created by your actions.” – Brian Moran

And if you’d like more info on our 21 Day Kickstart for Wiltshire ladies 40+ that know what to do to get fit and drop a dress size but still don’t do it

Then message me with “21 day”

And I’ll get you the details. 

Matt “don’t believe everything you think” Fruci